Art Lifeline

Importance of Arts & Culture to Society


As per psychological studies it is important for people to have a cultural identity, to have a sense of social belonging, which is key to their mental wellbeing. Hence it is necessary to preserve and pass on arts / culture. Art is a simpler way of conveying historical facts, stories & literature, which is easy to understand. Arts help to visually represent a story that can kindle imaginations and is more effective with a lasting impression. So art and culture is the lifeline of society.

What are the problems a young artist faces, relating to appreciation of arts?
  • Youngsters are not encouraged to pursue arts or are not drawn towards arts, as many families in today’s times do not embrace the arts as much in their day-to-day lives.
  • A few youngsters who pursue arts often feel a sense of rejection, when they do not find opportunities or the audience for the art form.
  • Professional artists also have financial stress as appreciation of arts by people is diminishing and so they move on to other professions that provide them a better livelihood.
How can the common man contribute to preserving art and culture?
  • A simple way of contributing to preserving art & culture is to encourage young artists in their art journey. The audience plays a vital role in the life of an artist. An enthusiastic and encouraging audience makes a huge difference to the performer. So, the common man should take time out to attend events and activities in the arts, with a curiosity to learn more and appreciate various art forms.
  • Common people can join clubs or organisations that promote arts and help them. Participating in organising events / activities that provide opportunities to artists or being a part of the audience would support artists.
  • You can also share whatever information you get about the arts with others. Help spread the word about the cultural activities to increase participation and knowledge in your circles.

Preserving art & culture is as important as preserving environment or natural resources!